Chapman International Studies Student Association

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  • Category: Graduate Organizations
  • Description: CISSA is committed to facilitating networking between professionals, professors, and students who share an interest in International Studies. CISSA encourages its members to enhance their academic engagement in International Studies, learn about careers in the field, and participate in networking opportunities in order to create connections for students' futures. CISSA provides a forum for students to meet international studies/relations professionals, engage in guest lecture events, and learn more about specifi topics through discussion panels. CISSA is made up of students from various majors who have an interest in international studies/relations and organizes events in which students may interact socially with their international studies/relations peers. In addition, the organization serves as a liaison for all students who may potentially be interested in applying to the Chapman's MAIS program.
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  • Keywords:
    • international
    • studies
    • internship
    • study abroad
    • political science
    • economics
    • history
    • peace studies
    • international relations
    • law
    • international law
    • ngo
    • corporations
    • development
    • government
    • foreign policy
    • cultural studies
    • internship
    • employment
    • public diplomacy

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