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  • Description: "Global Law Brigades (GLB) is a secular, international volunteer network of students and law professionals who collaborate with local partner organizations serving at-risk communities to improve quality of life by implementing legal empowerment, human rights, environmental protection, and business law strategies for community development." What is a Law Brigade? A Law Brigade consists of pre-law and law students who collaborate with legal professionals to work with disadvantaged communities to develop and implement legal empowerment strategies. Law Brigades are one-week experiences abroad that include hands-on work alongside community members to promote legal empowerment. Law Brigades currently operate in Panama with projects that complement Business, Environmental, and Architecture Brigades to alleviate poverty, foster human rights, and promote community development. Law Brigades programs create first-hand opportunities for youth and civil society to understand domestic and international legal issues in developing regions including international humanitarian law; migration and refugee issues; business licensing and organic and fair trade certification procedures; micro-enterprise laws; and, environmental and human rights concerns. We empower college students and law students to build relationships with established local and international legal, humanitarian, environmental, and development organizations. Law Brigades creates opportunities for volunteers to work together with communities served by these organizations.
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